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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Chicken 65

Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish originating from Chennai, India, as an entree, or quick snack. The flavor of the dish can be attributed to red chillies but the exact set of ingredients for the recipe can vary. It can be prepared using boneless or bone-in chicken and is usually served with onion and lemon garnish. This spicy, tasty south Indian dish has also paved its way for the origin of 'Chicken-65 Biriyani' in Chennai. While the name "Chicken 65" is universally used to refer to the dish, there are many different theories claiming its origins.

History of Chicken 65

Many sources claim Chicken 65 was a dish introduced in 1965 at the famous Buhari Hotel restaurant  in Chennai by its founder A.M.Buhari, a pioneer in the South Indian food industry. They also offer Chicken 78, Chicken 82 and Chicken 90, introduced in 1978, 1982 and 1990 respectively

How to prepare chicken 65


Boneless chicken pieces - 1/4 kg

Corn flour - 2 tbsp

All purpose flour(Maida) - 1 tsp

Lemon juice - 1 tbsp

Garlic ginger paste - 1tsp

Red chili powder - 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Egg white - 1

Ajinomotto - pinch

Coriander powder - 1 tsp

Curd - 2 tbsp

Red food color - pinch

Green chillies - 4

Curry leaves - 8

Oil to deep fry

How to make Chicken 65 ?


Take curd in a bowl, beat and keep it aside.

Take boneless chicken pieces in another bowl.

Add red chili powder, salt, ajinomotto, lemon juice, garlic ginger paste, egg
white, corn flour and maida to chicken pieces and mix them all well with hand.

Keep them aside for 1 hour.

Heat oil in a wide sauce pan.

Drop each chicken piece in heated oil and fry them till they turn light brown.

Fry all pieces and keep them in a bowl.

Heat one tbsp of oil in a pan.

Add curry leaves, slitted chillies, curd, coriander powder and red food color.

Mix them all well.

Add fried chicken pieces to it.

Stir and fry them till curd gets evaporated.

Chicken 65 is ready to serve.


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